I am an event photographer based in New York. Since childhood, I have always had a great passion for traveling and photography and this explains why I pursued a career in photography. I use the art of photography to visually explore life’s moments and tell the story with pictures. 

My style is traditional combined with contemporary, clear, and classic.

Over the years, I have learned that my greatest talents are outstanding social skills that enable me to get along with almost everyone as well as the ability to make subjects that are uneasy and tense comfortable in front of my camera (thanks to my naturally tranquil persona that is infectious for the most part).

Can you trust me to be your event photographer? You sure can, and here is why: I have 18 years of experience working across communities, in particular photographing various events across the USA, Mexico, and Israel. Moreover, my work reflects artistic sensibility since I have a special eye for the features that bring out the special and unique nature of each event. I have a true artistic vision; consequently, instead of directing moments, I capture them because I believe that it is the spontaneous pictures that truly reflects the magical moment.

I take pride in my professional and wonderful customer service. All you have to do is tell me what you want as well as when you want it and I will deliver the desired results.

 You can rest assured that the final product you receive will be treasured memories as well as lasting works of art.

 I look forward to creating lasting memories with you!